Project North Star

Blogs been dead, I’ve been busy…

Project Northstar exiii simplified v1

The Northstar project is one by LeapMotion. They are responsible for pioneering IR based hand tracking in a consumer available hardware. This, coupled with some screens and semi reflective lenses, created their Project Northstar, which is a wearable augmented reality heads up display.

This is a bit bulkier than any other HUD out there, but it is completely DIY. After purchasing the screens, and finding the lenses for sale in China, I printed out the 3D printed pieces. They took approximately 2 days to run. Modifying the connector to work with my welding gear, I had the headset up and running in 2 weeks. I had finals during this period, so it took me a bit longer to finish than normal.

Calibration took a bit longer, as there is no easy way to calibrate all the angles without manually adjusting them. There was a bit of a learning curve here, as I have not played with Unity3D very much recently.

Didn’t get the calibration 100% – and sold them off!

The moment I finished them, in true entrepreneurial fashion, I sold them. I am currently working on a v2, and retrofitting this with a realsense d435i.

Here is a link to my spreadsheet, which has some of the STL’s. I’ll post links on there to my print settings and the modified STL files. Please remove the text “FORAGOODTIMECALLTRUMP” from the url.