I’ve been doing some video stuff. Check it out:

Thor’s Hammer pon da Psyche

This installation is a meta analysis of what it is like to survive a schizophrenic episode. The view of reality gets split into partial super-ego’s, and each trait orbits the sensory input as a partial cognition of the perception of true reality. The perception of true reality (ego) can be observed from afar, but does not actually give rise to meaning. The perception of true reality churns violently, tethered to an invisible central captor (the id). Once a face (the ego’s name) is recognized, the ego, or the “Thor’s Hammer / Main Screen” calms its frenzy, and allows the partial super-ego components to harmonize. 

This piece is as of yet unfinished, and a musical component is being implemented.

Apologies for the background noise. Those were my bitcoin miners keeping the neighborhood awake and toasty.

Thor’s Hammer Beta

 This is a MAX-MSP installation that takes a live video stream and chops it up into little pieces. The tiny pieces of the live stream are applied onto cubes, and tossed around a giant main screen(center, large). As the little boxes reach the walls they are pushed around. The Main Screen, aka Thor’s Hammer, whips around violently, only slowing down as it recognizes a face. 

Heres a thing I made.