may 24th -2012 “Self Diagnosis”

Today I was sitting at my terminal, doing some self shiatsu on a trigger point on a muscle in my neck, when I felt it radiate down my arm and jolt through my palm into my thumb. As I pronated and supinated my arm (wiggled my thumb back and forth), I could feel other strands of tension lighting up, in a cascading impulse along various muscle groupings. Focusing on the area of the trigger point with my other arm, I managed to find a group of 3 trigger points that held tension along the main channels of my arm and hand. The angles that I hold my body, while directing force for therapy, directly line up with this tension pattern. I have discerned that albeit slight, a ‘forward head’ posture impinges on the omohyoid muscle and pushes it into the sterno-cleido-mastoid muscle and clavical overlap. The irritation and pressure through that spot from multiple angles, culminates in a trigger point series right in that junction. As any therapist can clearly see, the green line of tension is the typical alignment used to deliver direct and constant pressure during a session with the thumb.
I had recently stripped all my facial muscles including the masseters and inner jaw muscles. These lead directly down to the hyoid bone, and have a pathway into the omohyoid. I believe this stripping led to the exposure of the trigger points, which until then, were covered by thick muscle and fascia that was un-yeilding to therapeutic massage and stretching.

The green star indicates the location of the trigger point that was being worked on. The first blue arrow is the area in which I had previously stripped all the musculature. The second (lower) blue arrow indicates the direction of impulse/tension flow, continuing through the scapular ligaments and glennoid fossa across to the lesser tubercle and posterior. Continuing down the tricepts indicated with the rightmost blue arrow, the tension pathway went down the flexors of the forearm. There they came across the green line through the pollicis brevii, out the tip of the thumb.

Hopefully with stretching, increased body awareness & mechanics with muscle stripping & trigger point release, the t
ension pathway can be eliminated.




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