Kind of a different flavor :

So far I have about 8 clients that come to me for routine Piriformis release. One lady told me that she had NEVER felt the way she does in her body as she did after our first session together. This made me really really really (really) happy! Giving people empowerment over their lives is the greatest feeling in the world.

Another good spot is the sub-scapularis muscle(Under the scapula, or shoulder blade). Many of my software engineers & new mothers struggle with back pain that is persistent even after the most muscle releasing of back massages. This muscle, which lies DEEP inside the shoulder blade, is often the result of hours at the computer, holding a young child, attending patients, or other typical activities for many people. This muscle holds your shoulder blade to your rib cage, and assists in turning your wrists inward, and stabilizing the shoulder capsule (read: I’m ALWAYS working!) Releasing this muscle & related musculature, can result in diminished neck, back, and wrist strain. Many of my patients have never received work on this muscle, and gain significant range of motion, quality of motion, and diminishing of pain/symptoms after only one treatment. Releasing the related musculature around this shoulder joint, also aids in reduction of symptoms from neck stress, head aches, and low back pain.



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