[3D Prints] TV Bracket & Controller Housing

In the last few weeks I’ve developed a few items.


One is a printed case for a laser driver, arduino, and cnc shield. I’m putting the final touches on it, and it has two forms. I’ve decided to post STL/JPGs of works in progress, and then post the final design model image with a picture of a good print of the object. So here it is:


The first two designs use a thingieverse track for the cable guide. I slimmed it up and made it more “clean” to produce the bottom stl. The project took another turn, and I will post the finals with the printed piece post.


The next thing I was working on was a LCD TV / MONITOR mount to reduce the clutter off my desk. It was a two piece design. The wall mount had to fit into one stud, and the bracket for the tv had to align with the pre-set machine screw holes. There is a 7cm and a 1ocm bracket, which, works so elegantly (and looks pretty nice for a part too!).



Pictured is the 7cm version and the jpg is of the 10cm model. The machine screws I found laying around the home were of the appropriate sizing, so that was a bonus. I should post a picture of the monitor mounted but that seems hella trivial.



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