What Is Object Oriented Computing?

Historically “Object Oriented Programming” was the new paradigm for how programmers went about to make their programs operate. Instead of a linear approach to programming, where a script or program was read sequentially, and followed that order of operations, object oriented programming was using multiple objects, interacting in specific ways, to save time and increase efficiency of the program. Sometimes this mean a significant reduction for lines of code, sometimes it meant making your program extremely efficient, and reduce overhead at compile and run time.

I’ve been told that while it seems intuitive to the newer generations, humans fluent in programming before this paradigm shift, have trouble wrapping their minds around this concept. I recently took a python tutorial which explained it using vehicle companies. Object oriented undemanding does not need to simply be a programming concept, but can be extended to nearly all computing levels, and a lot of life as well.

Here we will explore what this paradigm means to me, and how I implement it into every day life. This is the main focus of my blog. The blog will also include (a lot of) other topics, and serve as a portal for everything I wish to share with the world. I hope you enjoy the journey, and find something here to benefit your life.

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